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Dear New Friends: Hello my Name is Christine and I was the 17th person in Europe to join Scentsy when it opened in 2011 here in the UK. I am now a Director and have an international team (Team World Wide Wickless) spanning several countries.  I've earned 4 out of 6 incentive Trips with Scentsy and have been to Free Trips to Greece, The Mediterranean, Tenerife and Cancun, Mexico.   I have made lifelong friends and had experiences that I never dreamed of because of Scentsy.  You'll hear me mention quite often on social media like facebook the term #MoreThanWax.  This to me is what Scentsy is all about---its far more than the selling, far more than the wickless warmers or the parties.....its who you become, the connections you make, the experiences you have and who you can inspire and change their life.  My background is Music and Creative and I joined Scentsy because of job difficulties.  I had lost my job and my partner got very sick and felt very lost.  A friend in the US introduced me to Scentsy and told me that it would bless my life if I allowed it-----I was very anxious as I never had started my own business but I took the leap and did it anyway. I've been pushed out of my comfort zone and financially I'm contributing to the household with hours that I pick.  I've spoken at convention in front of all the European consultants and led trainings and received several monthly sales and mentoring awards.   Scentsy has been far more than wax in my life and will be for you too when you join!! ;) I'm originally from Seattle Washington USA and moved over to the UK in 2001 as a teacher.  My home now is London as an expat which has had a lot of joys and experiences because of it.  My partner and I dont have any children due to infertility but hope one day to adopt.  I'm a bit of an adventurer and enjoy off the beaten path travelling and one of the best trips I had included staying in a hut in the middle of a jungle in Thailand.  I do love pampering too and the trips that Scentsy have given are perfect---usually next to a beach somewhere or a nice pool.  As mentioned before I am a bit of a creative girl at heart and enjoy anthing artsy, music, film, reading (I do love quiet times curling up next to a book), art, and photography.  I have a love for vintage cameras and when you come on a Scentsy Incentive Trip you'll see me with my film cameras shooting away!!!  I've also completed the London Marathon in 2011 and an avid runner.  So besides Scentsy....I keep busy you could say. I have a deep desire to help people and your success is my success.  I hope you consider going on this journey with me as a consultant.  If you dont want to join, feel free to contact me anytime to help with decisions about what warmer to get or to host a Scentsy Party.  Scentsy can fit in with any lifestyle and lasts longer than jar candles.  Want to join my newsletter?  Mostly its a bit of Inspiration, Love Notes, Motivation with Scentsy on the side.  Subscribe HERE Speak to you soon!!! Christine Your Favourite Scentsy Consultant          

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